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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museu 
1977 Annual Report 

r !£ 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 

1977 Annual Report 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 

Table of Contents 

President's Report 3 

Director's Report 4 

Exhibitions and Publications 6 

Special Events 8 

Loans from the Collection 12. 

Acquisitions 17 

The Society of Associates 22 

Corporate Memberships 25 

Donors of Money and Securities 2.7 

Grants 27 

Challenge Grant 27 

Trustees 28 

Staff 28 

Staff Professional Associations and Publications 29 

Auditor's Report 30 

c I he Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York 

President's Report 

In 1977 The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, under 
whose auspices and with whose support the Guggenheim 
Museum operates, celebrated its fortieth anniversary. 
The occasion was marked by a review, in exhibition form, 
of the work of the most important European masters 
in the Museum's collection. With that many years behind 
us and within a decade of half a century of functioning 
as an institution, a historical perspective suddenly seemed 
to present itself, not only to the Foundation's trustees 
and to the Museum's staff but to our membership and 
the art world at large. The media began to view and 
evaluate the Guggenheim Museum's role in the context 
of the decades, while we ourselves started to develop 
more clearly drawn plans for the future. 

It is timely therefore to initiate publication of the 
Guggenheim's annual reports. These will continue to 
fulfill the same purposes within the Museum that their 
unpublished precursors have for many years; but they 
also signal a greater concern for public awareness of and 
participation in our activities demanded by our general 

The evolution of our trustee and staff list, habitually 
published in Museum catalogues, is reviewed here for 
the record: Thomas M. Messer, the Guggenheim's third 
Director, has served in this capacity since 1961. He was 
preceded by James Johnson Sweeney (1952.-1960) and by 
the Baroness Hilla Rebay (1937-1952). Since 1973 he has 
been importantly aided by Henry Berg, Deputy Director. 

The Museum's original benefactor and first President 
of the Board was my grandfather, Solomon R. Guggen- 

heim, who, in 1937, created the Foundation and what 
was then called the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. 
His Presidency came to an end with his death in 1949, 
when he was briefly succeeded in this capacity by Lord 
Castle Stewart. My immediate predecessor, 1 larry Frank 
Guggenheim, was President from 1 952- 1 969, at which 
time he resigned to become Chairman of the Board 
during the remaining months of his life. At the beginning 
of his Presidency the Museum adopted the name it now 
bears and approximately in the middle of this term 
moved into the building it presently occupies. 

To the extent that the Guggenheim has been trans- 
formed from a private to a public institution, dependence 
upon other than family support and the participation of 
our new friends in the affairs of the Museum has in- 
creased. The present Board of Trustees as listed in this 
report therefore reflects a broadened representation, 
and the categories of life members and associates recently 
established, further indicate the Museum's widening base. 
It should finally be stated that at the time of this writing 
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is completing the 
first year of its Half-Century Fund, a drive designed to 
raise the monies necessary to increase endowment, 
strengthen programs and improve facilities in anticipa- 
tion of our fiftieth anniversary which will occur in 19S7. 

Peter Lawson-Johnston 


The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 

Director's Report 

When the present building opened to the public .it the 
end of 1 959 shortly after the death of its architect Frank 
I loyd Wright, the Guggenheim became one of three 
modern museums in New York which, through collect 
ing, exhibiting and publishing on a large scale, attempts 
to orient a demanding and growing public within the 
broad premises of twentieth-century art. Unlike the 
Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim's 
scope is emphatically international and, in contrast to 
The Museum of Modern Art, the range of its media 
remains deliberately limited to painting, sculpture and 
works on paper. As a result of such comprehensiveness 
on the one hand and restrictiveness on the other, the 
Guggenheim has a tightly-knit yet fluid internal struc- 
ture; it has a highly mobile staff concerned with develop- 
ments in domestic ,\nc\ international contemporary art, 
and the documentation of the already historic part of its 
collection. This collection, with its concentration upon 
early as well as recent twentieth-century painting and 
sculpture, is now introduced by a preamble of nineteenth 
century works in the Justin K. Thannhauser Bequest. 

Future annual reports may well be restricted to citation 
of the principal events of the year surveyed. However, 
since this is the first such report, it seems appropriate to 
draw attention to the most important events and achieve- 
ments of the Guggenheim Museum since it opened its 
doors in its present location. Further, as this publication 
is appearing at the end of 1978, information is carried 
forward beyond 1977. Developments reviewed here 
fall into three categories which together make up the 
Museum's program— exhibitions, publications and 

Among these, the first, exhibitions, has been the most 
conspicuous, attracting millions of visitors during the 
nearly twenty sears they have been presented on Frank 
Floyd Wright's spiral ramps. Major retrospectives have 
been devoted to, among others, the following already 
accepted masters of the modern era: Ensor, Munch, 
I lodler, Schiele, Kandinsky, Klee, Malevich, Mondrian, 
Picabia, Kupka and Max Ernst. During the same period 
retrospectives were held for the sculptors Maillol, 
Brancusi, Giacometti and Calder. Extensive retrospec- 
tives have also been accorded to such postwar Europeans 
as Dubuffet, Bacon, de Stael, I lamilton, Fontana, Burri, 
Soto and Michaux, and to Americans like Cornell, David 
Smith, Fichtenstein, Noland, Bolotowsky, Salemme and, 
currently, Rothko, while important shows of less com- 
prehensive scope were mounted for artists including 
de Kooning, Morris Louis, Baziotes, Newman, Andre, 
Ryman and I [are. Finally, significant group and theme 

exhibitions surveyed historic movements such as Neo- 
Impressionism, presented private collections, among 
them the Hirshhorn, Malbin-Winston and Sharp hold- 
ings and, finally, reviewed young talent in this country 
and abroad, as, for example, in the Guggenheim Inter- 
national and Theodoron series and, more recently, in the 
Exxon-sponsored nationals and internationals. 

All these presentations were accompanied by cata- 
logues written by the exhibition curators, who often 
produced definitive works, as exemplified by Robert 
Herbert's Neo-Itnpressionism, Sidney Geist's Brancusi, 
Margit Rowell's Ku;>ka and Diane Waldman's Rothko 
publications. The most exhaustive research efforts were 
quite naturally devoted to the Guggenheim's own collec- 
tion and have resulted in publications such as Selections 
from the Guggenheim Museum Collection, 1900-19*0 
(with its sequel Handbook: The Guggenheim Museum 
Collection, 1900-1980, now in preparation) and, above 
all, two outstanding records of our permanent holdings, 
The Guggenheim Museum Collection: Paintings 1SS0- 
1945 by Angelica Zander Rudenstine and The Guggen- 
heim Museum: The Justin K. Thannhauser Collection 
by Vivian Fndicott Barnett. 

Thus, the collection ultimately emerges at the very 
center of our attention. During the years reviewed here, 
works of outstanding importance have augmented those 
inherited from previous administrations. A listing of 
modem masterpieces would certainly include the follow- 
ing key works which have entered the Museum's hold- 
ings in this period, along with others of comparable 

1. Rousseau, The football Players, 1 908 

2. Kupka, Planes by Colors, Large Nude, 1 909-10, Gift, 
Mrs. Andrew P. Fuller 

3. Jawlensky, Helene with Colored Turban. 1910 

4. Kirchner, Cerda, Half-Length Portrait, 1914, Partial 
(iift, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer M. Denker 

5. Schiele, Portrait of Johann Harms, 1 9 1 6, Partial Gift, 
Dr. and Mrs. Otto Kallir, New York 

(•>. Klee, Night beast, 1 921 
7. M\r6,The Tilled Field, 1 9M-2.4 
S. Beckmann, Society (The Party), 1933 
9. Dubuffet, Will to Power, 1946 
10. Lcgcr, The C^reat Parade, 1954 

Among the most important works by artists of the post- 
war generation which have been added to the collection 
by purchase, trade or gift since the Guggenheim moved 
to its present location arc: 

i. Rotliko, Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and 
Red, 1949, Gift, Elaine and Werner Dannheisser 
and The Dannheisser Foundation 

2. Fontana, Spatial Conception, Expectations, 1-9 T 1 ; i, 
1959, Gift, Teresita Fontana, Milan 

3. Louis, Saraband, 1959 

4. Noguehi, The Cry, 1959 

5. Hofmann, The date, i960 

6. Jorn, Green Ballet, i960 

7. Bacon, Studies far a Crucifixion, 1 962 

8. Warhol, Orange Disaster No. s, 1 963, Gift, The 
Harry N. Ahrams Family Collection 

9. David Smith, Cubi XXVII, 1 965 
10. Ipousteguy, Lenin, 1967 

ir. Lichtenstein. Preparedness, 1968 

12. Vasarely, Reytey, 1968 

13. Nevelson, Luminous Zag; Night, 1971, Gift, Mr. and 
Mrs. Sidney Singer 

14. Diebenkorn, Ocean Park No. 96, 1977, Purchased 
with the aid of funds from the National Endowment 
for the Arts, Washington, D.C., Matching Gift, Mr. 
and Mrs. Stuart M. Speiser and Louis and Bessie 
Adler Foundation Inc., Seymour M. Klein, President. 

15. Martin, Untitled No. 14, 1977, Gift, Mr. and Mrs. 
Werner Dannheisser 

Important examples by Albers, Baziotes, Frankenthaler, 
Guston, Jensen, Kelly, Krasner, Mitchell, MuIIer, Noland 
and Rauschenberg have also joined the Museum's 

The most massive enrichment of our collection, 
however, has come from three sources: 

t. The Justin K. Thannhauser gift of Impressionist and 
Post-Impressionist art. 

2. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. 

3. The Hilla Rebay Collection, now reunited with the 
Guggenheim's own holdings. 

The individual histories of these additions are briefly 
described in the catalogue The Guggenheim Museum 
Collection: Paintings 1880-1945, aniJ therefore need no 
reiteration here. Together with important donations of 
several works by Arp, Bissier, Kolaf, Gorky and Albers, 
among others, these collections have greatly broadened 
and strengthened the Guggenheim's permanent holdings 
and our gratitude to those who have helped us acquire 
them cannot be expressed often enough. 

Nor should one forget that accomplishments in all 
these areas would be impossible without the skills and 

efforts of the entire staff— curatorial, technical, ad- 
ministrative, as well as public affairs, development and 

superintendent's departments. The Guggenheim's current 
ambitious effort to strengthen its base and deepen its 
achievements is thus equally dependent upon our friends 
in the art world and upon those who contribute their 
special capacities, talents and ettorts as professional 
museum workers. 

Thomas M. Messer 


The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 

Mme. Nina Kandinsky and Thomas M. Messer, Director, The 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum at Forty Modern Masters: 
An Anniversary Show Dinner 

Exhibitions and Publications 

Acquisition Priorities: Aspects of Post- 
war Painting in America 
October 15, 1976- January 16, 1977 

Catalogue, Acquisition Priorities: 
Aspects of Postwar Painting in America 
New York, The Solomon R. Guggen- 
heim Foundation, 1976, Thomas M. 
\ lesser 

James Ensor 
January 18-April 1 1 

(Previously shown at The Art Institute 

of Chicago, November 6, 1976- January 

5> '977) 

Catalogue, James Ensor 

New York, George Bra/.iller, 1976, 

Frank Edebau, John David Farmer 

Recent Acquisitions 

February 4-2.7 

Nine Artists: Theodoron Awards 
March 4- April 7 

Catalogue, Nine Artists: Theodoron 

New York, The Solomon R. Guggen- 
heim Foundation, 1977, Linda Shearer 

Kenneth Noland: A Retrospective 
April 15-June 19 

Travel Schedule: 

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture 
Garden, Smithsonian Institution and 
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. 

September 29-Novcmbcr 27 

The Toledo Museum of Art 
January 22-March 8, 1978 

The Denver Art Museum 
March 2.3-May 7 
Catalogue, Kenneth Noland: A 

New York, The Solomon R. Guggen- 
heim Foundation in collaboration with 
I [arry N. Abrams, Inc., 1977, Diane 

Klee at the Guggenheim Museum 
June 24-Septcmber s 

Travel Schedule: 

Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal 

September iX-Octohcr 13 

Musee cle Quebec 
November 5-December 4 
Milwaukee Art (enter 
February z-March t8, [978 

University Art Museum, University of 
California at Berkeley 
April 1 t-June 4 

George Segal at Recent Acquisitions Opening 

Elizabeth Murray and friends at Theodoron Awards 

The Cleveland Museum of Art 
July 6-September 3 

The Baltimore Museum of Art 
September 16-November u> 

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 


January i-Fehruary 18, 1979 

Catalogue, Klee at the Guggenheim 

New York, The Solomon R. Guggen- 
heim Foundation, 19-^, Thomas M. 
Messer, Louise Averill Svendsen 

Canadian edition of catalogue with 
French translation of text by Ministere 
des Affaires Culturelles Quebec 

Newsletter, Thomas M. Messer 

American Postwar Painting 
July i-September 5 

Forty Modern Masters 
July i-September n 

Brochure, Fortx Modern Masters 

Kenneth Noland 

Recent Gifts and Purchases 

September 16-October 16 

From the American Collection 

September 30-December 5 

Lucio Fontana, 1899-1968: A 


October 21-December 8 

Catalogue, Lucio Fontana, 1899-1968: 
A Retrospective 

New York, The Solomon R. Guggen- 
heim Foundation, 1977, Erika Billeter 

Newsletter, Linda Konheim 

Learning to Read Through the Arts 

November 18-December 4 

From the American Collection: New 

November 12, 1977- January 8, 1978 

Forty Modern Masters: An Anniversary 

December 16, 1977-February 1, [978 

Brochure, Forty Modern Masters: An 
Anniversary Show 

David Hare 

September 30-October 30 
Brochure, David Hare 

Louise Nevelson at Recent Gifts and Purchases < Jpening 

Special Events 


Januarv i r 

Princeton Chamber Music Ensemble 

February 4, 5 

Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal of Belgium 

"English Version of T " 

May S 

Children's mini-festival. Learning to 
Read Through the Arts Program 

November 20 

Cantilena Chamber Players 

Academy of American Poets 
January 4 
Stanley Kunitz 

February 8 

Robert Penn Warren 

April 12 
Anthony Hayden 

October 18 

Modern Hungarian Poetry 

November 29 
Elizabeth Bishop 

December 5 
John Ashbery 

May 24 

Sandra Hochman "Explosion of 


The Asia Society 

April 21 

Wang-go Weng, Jonathan Chaves, 
Wang Efui-Ming (lecture on calligraphy 
and slide presentation) 

April 22 

Chou Wen-Chung, Chang Ch'ung-Ho 

(music and poetry) 

Huang Po-fei, James Wright, 

Lui Tsun-yuen (music) 


In conjunction with Acquisition 
Priorities: Aspects of Postwar Painting 
in America, a weekend film series, 
"American Art and Artists," by 
Blackwood Productions, Inc., was held. 
The films shown were: 

January 1 

"American An in the Sixties" 

January 2 

"Roy Lichtenstein" 

January 8 
"Andy Warhol" 

January 9 

"The New York School" 

January 15 

"American Art in the Sixties" 

January 16 

"Jasper Johns: Decoy" 

"Robert Motherwell" 


In conjunction with James Ensor, the 

following lecture series was held: 

February 15 

Ceorge Heard Hamilton, "James Ensor: 

The Artist as Rebel and The Rebel as 


February 22 

Gert Schiff, "Ensor, The Exorcist" 

March 1 

Robert Rosenblum, "Ensor in Context" 

April 19 

Gerard Regnier, "From Leonardo's 
'parete di vetro' to Marcel Duchamp's 
Large Glass: The Influence of the Clas- 
sical Prospectors on the work of Marcel 

In conjunction with Kenneth Noland: 
A Retrospective, the following lecture 
series was held: 

May ^ 

Kenworth Moffet, "Noland and 


May 17 

Michael Fried, "The Achievement of 

Kenneth Noland" 

May 31 

E. A. Carmean, Jr., "Kenneth Noland 

and Compositii in" 

October 27 

Claude Picasso, "Previously Unpublished 

Work by Pablo Picasso" 


January 26 

Mobil Oil Corporation 

April 6 

Groton School 

April 20 

Brandeis Creative Arts Awards 


May 16 

( ieneral Felt Industries 

October 4 

Rosalynn Carter hosted 200 spouses of 

UN delegates 

October 12 

American Friends of Tel Aviv Museum 

November 16 

Art News Magazine 


Round and About the Guggenheim, 
aired over WNYC-FM at 6:30 p.m. on 
Wednesday evenings 

January 5 

"Calder's Universe," guests: Richard 
Marshall, Assistant Curator, Exhibitions, 
Whitney Museum of American Art; 
Ruth Wolfe, editorial director for the 
book, Calder's Universe 

January 12 

"American Master Drawings and 
Watercolors," guests: Wilder Greene, 
Director American Federation of Arts; 
Theodore Stebbins, Jr., Curator of 
American Paintings and Sculpture, Yale 
University Art Gallery. 

January 19 

"Aztec Stone Sculpture at the Center for 
Inter-American Relations," guests: 
Roger Stone, President, Center for Inter- 
American Relations; Jim Wolfe, Director 
Visual Arts Program, Center for Inter- 
American Relations; Esther Pasztory, 
Professor, Columbia University 

January 26 

"European Master Paintings from Swiss 
Collections," guest: John Elderfield, 
Curator of Painting and Sculpture, The 
Museum of Modern Art, New York 

February 2 

"James Ensor," guests, John David 
Farmer Director, Birmingham Museum 
of Art, Alabama; Frank Edebau, Direc- 
tor, Stedelijk Museum, Ostend 

February 16 

"The Dennis Stock Retrospective and 
Disfarmer of Heber Springs, Interna- 
tional Center of Photography," guests: 
Demns Stock, photographer, Magnum 
Photos, Inc.; Julia Scully, author; Ron 
Coyen, Assistant Curator, International 
Center of Photography 

February 23 

"Women in the Arts Foundation," 
guests: Joyce Weinstein, Jean Azleski, 
Dina Guston Baker, of the Foundation 

Peter O. Lawson-Johnston, President, The Solomon R. 
Guggenheim Foundation and Ambassador from Italy to 
the United States, His Excellency, Dr. Roberto Gaja at 
Lucio Fontana Opening 

Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal of Belgium "English Version 

Rosalynn Carter with Marife Hernandez, Chief of Protocol 
of The United States of America for New York, and Henry 
Berg, Deputy Director, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 
Reception for U N Delegates' Spouses 



David Hare at David Hare Opening 

March 9 

"Theodoron Awards Exhibition," guests: 
Linda Shearer, Assistant Curator, The 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New' 
York, Allan Ruppersberg, Michael Hur- 
son, Steve Gianakos, artists 

March z 

"Italian Architectural and Ornament 
Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum," 
guests: Mary Myers, Associate Curator 
of Prints and Photography, The Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, New York; 
Elaine Evans Dee, Curator of Drawings 
and Prints, Cooper Hewitt Museum, 
New York; Adolph Placzek, Avery 
Librarian, Columbia University Avery 
Architectural Library. 

April 6 

"Degas from the Metropolitan," guest: 
Charles Moffatt, Associate Curator of 
European Paintings, The Metropolitan 
Museum of Art, New York 

April 13 

"Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design," 
guests: Elaine Evans Dee, Curator of 
Drawings and Prints; Christian Rohlfing, 
Curator of Collections; Dorothy Globus, 
Exhibitions Coordinator, all Cooper- 
Hewitt Museum of Design 

April 17 

"Kenneth Noland," guest: Diane Wald- 

man, Curator of Exhibitions, The 

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New 


May it 

"The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Col- 
lection," guests: Mr. and Mrs. Vogel 

May 18 

"The Blaue Reiter," guests: Ingrid and 
Leonard Hutton, Leonard Hutton 
Gallery, New York 

June 1 <; 

"Art Thefts, Part I," guests: Robert 
Volpe, Detective, New York City Police 
Department, Art ID Unit; Alan Baer, 
President, International Art Registry, 
1 td.; Bonnie Barnham, Project Director, 
Art Theft Archive; Beth Herz, Research 
Associate, Art Theft Archive 

June zz 

"Art Thefts, Part II," guests: Robert 
Volpe, Alan Baer, Bonnie Barnham, Beth 
I lerz 

June z<? 


(rerun) guests: James Wines, President 

and Founder, SITE, Alison Sky, Vice 

President and Editor of Site on Site, and 
Michael Stone, Treasurer of SITE and 
Co-editor of Site on Site 

July 13 

"Frank Lloyd Wright," guests: Henry 
Berg, Deputy Director, The Solomon R. 
Guggenheim Museum; Robert A. M. 
Stern, Architect; Paul Goldberger, 
Architectural Critic, The New York 

July 20 

"Eva Hesse," guests: Linda Shearer, 
Assistant Curator, The Solomon R. 
Guggenheim Museum, New York, 
Gioia Timpanelli, poet 

July 27 

"Forty Modern Masters," guest: Thomas 
M. Messer, Director, The Solomon R. 
Guggenheim Museum, New York 

August 3 

"The Justin K. Thannhauser Collec- 
tion," guest: Dr. Lou'se Averill Svendsen, 
Curator, The Solomon R. Guggenheim 
Museum, New York (rerun) 

August 10 

"Connoisseurship and Collecting," 
guests: Arnold Glimcher, President, Pace 
Gallery; Vera List, Collector; Margit 
Rowell, Curator of Special Exhibitions, 
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 
New York (rerun) 

August 17 

"The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel 

Collection" (rerun) 

August 24 

"Art Thefts, Part I" (rerun) 

August 31 

"Art Thefts, Part II" (rerun) 

September 7 

"Frank Lloyd Wright" (rerun) 

September 14 

"Chaim Gross Retrospective at the 

Jewish Museum, Part I," guest: Chaim 


September 21 

"Chaim Gross, Part II," guest: Chaim 


September 28 

October 12 

"Centre Beaubourg, Paris," guests: 
Michele Cone, Critic, and Jean Vallier, 
Director, Alliance Franchise 

October 19 

"David Hare at the Guggenheim 

Museum," guests: David Hare and 
Katharine Kuh, Critic 

November 2 

"Jasper Johns Retrospective at the Whit- 
ney Museum," guests: David Whitney, 
Guest Curator of the Exhibition, and 
Leo Castelli, Dealer 

November 9 

"Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts" 

guests: Michael Pantaleoni, Executive 

Director; Freida Mindlin, Administrator 


November 16 

"David Hare at the Guggenheim 

Museum" (rerun) 

November 30 

"Abstract Currents in Ecuadorian Art," 
guests: Jacqueline Barnitz, Guest Cura- 
tor; Luis Molinari, artist; Aracelli 
Gilbert, artist 

December 7 

December 14 

"American Art Union at the Whitney," 

guest: Dr. Maybelle Mann, Critic 

December 21 

"Frank Lloyd Wright," (rerun) 

December 28 

"The Justin K. Thannhauser Collection" 


Events for Members of The Society 
of Associates 

January 27 
James Ensor 

February } 

Recent Acquisitions 

March 3 

Nine Artists: Theodoron Awards 

April 14 

Kenneth Noland: A Retrospective 

June 23 

Klee at the Guggenheim Museum 

September 15 

Recent Gifts and Purchases 

Modern Masters 

September 29 
David Hare 

October 20 

Lucio Fontana, 1899-1968: 

A Retrospective 

November 17 

Learning to Read Through the Arts 

December 15 

Forty Modern Masters: 

An Anniversary Show 


October 5 
Richard Zeisler 

October 13 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Fuller 

November 9 
Frederic Mueller 

November 15 

J. Patrick Lannan 

November 22 
Richard Brown Baker 

May 7 

Yale Center of British Art and Studies, 

Tour with Director, Edmund Pillsbury 

February 1 ? 

James Ensor, Breakfast and Tour with 

Louise Averill Svendsen 

April 27 

Cocktail Party to meet Kenneth Noland 

December 27 

Coffee Hour to meet Madame Nina 


1 1 

Loans from the Collection 

Borrowing Institution and Exhibition 


Title, Date 

Centre National d'Art et de Culture, 
Musee national d'art moderne, Paris 
January 25-April 1 1 

Ceorges Braque 
Kazimir Malevich 

Joan Miro 

Violin and Palette, 1 9 1 
Piano and Mandolin, 1910 
Morning in the Village 

after Snowstorm, 19 12 
Landscape (Hare), 192.7 




Centre National d'Art et de Culture, 
Musee national d'art moderne, Paris 
June 1 -September 19 
Paris-New York 

Jacques Villon 
Hans Hartung 
Georges Mathieu 
Vasily Kandinsky 

The Lovers, 192.6 
T-50 Painting 8, 1950 
Painting, 1952 
Dominant Curve, 19 16 



Haus der Kunst, Munich 

February 1 1 -April 17 

traveling to: Museum Folkwang, Essen 

April 30- July 1 1; 

Kunsthaus Zurich 

Inly [5-September 1 X 

Schauplatz Deutschland 

Vasily Kandinsky 

Bias, 193 1 

1 i -('■, 

Whitney Museum of American Art, 
New York 
February 16- April 3 
The i</-~- Biennial 

Brice Marden 

Grove IV, 1976 


University Art Museum, LIniversity of 
New Mexico, Albuquerque 
February 27-April 3 
American Abstract Artists 

Joe and Emily Eowe Art Center, 
Syracuse University 

March 1-20 

Kandinsky: Graphic Works 

John Ferren 

Composition, 1937 


Dwinnel Grant 

Illusions, 1938 


Balcomb Greene 

Composition, 1940 


I. Rice Pereira 

Black, White and Red, 1940 


Robert Wolff 

Composite Image, 1940 


Ralph Rosenborg 

Untitled, 1940 

1172 x 276 

George Shaw 

Plastic Triangle, n.d. 


Werner Drewes 

Escape, 1941 


Vasily Kandinsky 

Woman with Muff, 1903 


Singer, 1903 


First Etching for the 

"Editions Gainers d'Art," 1 

93 2 


Second Etching for the 

"Editions Cahiers d'Art," 1 



Etching for the "Circle of Friends 

of the Bauhaus," 1932 


Etching No. 1 , 1 9 1 (> 


Etching No. II, 1916 


Etching No. Ill, 191'' 


Etching No. IV, 1916 


Etching No. V, 1916 


The Mirror, 1907 


"Xylographies," 1909 

Knights, Birds, The Church, 

Birch Trees, Woman in the 



Lady with a Fan, 1903 


Orange, 1923 


Gabriclc Miinter 

Portrait of Kandinsky, 1906 


University of I louston 
March 3- April 3 
German Expressionism 

Vasily Kandinsky 

Small Worlds. No.l-V, 1912 


Borrowing Institution anJ Exhibition 


Title, Date 


Cranbrook Academy of Art, 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 
March 6-April - 
Wallace Mitchell Memorial 

Wallace Mitchcl 

No. I, [945 
No. 11, 194s 
Untitled. 1946 


University Art Gallery, Rutgers 
University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 
March 6- April 4 
Surrealism and American Art 

( harles How ard 

The ( age, 1918 


University Art Gallery, 

SUNY at Binghamton, New York 

March t 3 - A p r i 1 18 

Franz Kline 

Franz Kline 

Self Portrait, 11. d. 

1 61 2 

1 eonard Hutton Gallery, New York 

March [8-May 30 

The Blue Rider and Its Circle 

Robert l)elanna\ 

The City, 1911 


The Oakland Museum, California 

March 22-May 29 

Gordon Onslow-Ford Retrospective 

Gordon Onslow-Ford 

Untitled. 1 941 
Untitled, 1944 
Untitled, 1944 


Taft Museum, Cincinnati 
March 2.2-May 8 
Best of Fifty 

Vastly Kandinsky 

Crinolines, 1909 


Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama 
April 14-May 22 
Austrian Art Between 1890 and 
World War I 

Egon Schiele 

Wachau on the Danube. 1914 


Denise Rene Gallery, New York 
April 23-May 21 
Jacob F.I Hanani 

Jacob El Hanani 

Untitled No. iji, 1976 


Neuberger Museum, SUNY at 

Purchase, New York 

May 1 -June 19 

Paintings by Giorgio Cavallon 

Giorgio Cavallon 

Untitled, 1957 


Neuberger Museum, SUNY at 

Purchase, New York 

September n-November 2 

Franz Kline: The Early Works as Signals 

Franz Kline 

Self Portrait, n.c 


Neuberger Museum, SUNY at 
Purchase, New York 
September 25-December 31 
Michael Singer 

Michael Singer 

Ritual Balance Study, 1974 


University of Guelph, Ontario 

May 5 -June 16 

History of Guelph Artists 

Rolph Scarlett 

Untitled, n.d. 
Black Triangle, 1943 
Composition, n.d. 
Composition. 19^9 
( 'omposition, 1939 



1 3 

Borrowing Institution and Exhibition 


Title, Date 


Kunsthaus Zurich 

May i i- July 3 1 

Malerie im Zeitalten dcr Fotografie 

Joseph Cornel 

Interplanetary Navigation, 1964 


Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston 
May 1 5-June 30 
VfyroM Stout 

Myron Stout 

Untitled, 1964 


Pierre Matisse Callers-, New York 
May 17- June 1 1 

Exhibition in Honor of ( 'hagall's 
90th Birthday 

Marc ( hagal 

Paris Through the Window, 191} 


The Museum of Modern Art, New York 
June 20 

Indefinite loan 

Vasily Kandinsky 

Vamtmg No. 799 (Winter), 1914 
Painting No. 198 (Autumn), 1914 


The Museum of Modern Art, New York 
September 20-December 7 
Loan to the Collection, The Museum 
of Modern \rr 

Henri Rousseau 

Artillerymen, ca. 1893-95 
Football Players, 1903 


The Museum of Modern Art, New York 
October 7, 1977-January 3, 1978 

Cezanne: The Late Years 

Paul Cezanne 

Man with Crossed Arms, ca. 1S99 

1 J37 

Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi 
June 30-September 4 
Michael Singer 

Michael Singer 

Ritual Balance Study, 19-4 


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Jean Xceron 

June 30-September is Albert Gleizes 

Modern American Painting 1910-1940: Femand Leger 
Toward a New Perspective 

Composition 242, 193- 
Brooklyn Bridge, 1917 
Composition with Aloes, 1934-35 

8 77 

Westfalisches Landesmuseum, Miinstcr 

July j-November 30 


Antoine Pevsner 

Construction, 193: 

University Art Museum, 
University of Texas at Austin 

AugllSt 17-September 2S 

New m the Seventies 

Audre) Flack 

Dutch Still Life. 1976 

I [opkins ( enter Art Galleries, 

Dartmouth College, Dartmouth, New 

I lampshire 

September 9- October 16 

( 'esar Domela: ( 'instruction and 


Vasily Kandinksy 
Piet Mondri.m 

Pointed and Round, 192s 
( 'omposition, 1929 


1 J47 

Museum of Contemporary Art, ( ahicago 
September to November 10 
A View of a Decade 

Elizabeth Murray 

Back, [976 


' 1 

Borrowing Institution and Exhibition 


Title. Date 


Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, 
Duishurg, Federal Republic of Germany 
September 18-November 2.7 
Alberto Giacometti 

Alberto Giacometti 

The Nose, 1947 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 

New York 

September 18-November 27 

Seurat Drawings and Oil Sketches from 

New York Collections 

Georges Pierre Seurat 

The Shop, ca. 1 880-8 r 
Monkey Sitting Up, 1884 
Child in White, 188s 
The Clipper, 1890 
Gateway, 1881-84 
Door, 1 887-90 

Place de la Concorde, ca. 1882 
The Meadow, 1879-81 


7 1 1 A 






Museo de Arte Moderna, 
Sao Paulo, Brazil 
October i-December 18 
XIV Bienal 

Rufino Tamayo 

Woman in Grey, 19s 9 


New York State Museum, Cultural 
Education Center, Albany 
October 8-November 28 
New York: The State of Art 

Roy Lichtenstein 
Morris Louis 

Preparedness, 1969 
Saraband, 1959 

1883. 1-3 


The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum 
October 15-December 9 
Pablo Picasso 

Pablo Picasso 

Landscape at Ccret, 1911 


Blum-Helman Gallery, New York 
October 15-December 9 
Hans Hofmann 

Hans Hofmann 

The Gate, i960 


Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, 


October 23, 1977-January 3, 1978 

Pittsburgh International Series 

Pierre Alechinskv 

Disparaitre, 1959 


Indiana University Art Museum, 


October 25-December 3 

German and Austrian Expressionism 


Vasily Kandinsky The Mirror, 1907 1987 
Poster for "First Phalanx 

Exhibition," 190 1 [837 

Landscape with Factory Chimney, 1910 504 

Elvehjem Art Center, University of 
Wisconsin, Madison 
late October 1977-Mav 1978 
Modern Sculpture From the 
Guggenheim Collection (Guggenheim 
Museum Decentralization Program) 

Alexander Archipenko 
Jean Dubuffet 
Alberto Giacometti 
Ellsworth Kelly 
Roy Lichtenstein 
Anstide Maillol 
Lucas Samaras 
Ernest Trova 

Sculpture, 1919 1331 

Busybody, 1972 2041 

Statue of a Headless Woman, 1931-35 1845 

W hite Angle, 1966 1997 

Modern Sculpture with Three Discs, 1 967 1 9 1 3 

Pomona with Lowered Arms, [937 1513 

Stiff Box No. iz, 1971 1965 

Wheel Man, 1965 1 — - 

Grunebaum Gallery, New York 

November i-December 5 

Asger )orn: The Crucial Years, 1954-64 

Asger Jorn 

Green Ballet, i960 



Borrowing Institution and Exhibition 


Title, Date 


Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York 
November 5-16 
( harles Bell 

Charles Bell 

Gum Ball No. 10, Sugar daddy, 1975 


Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta, Canada 
November 11 -December 18 
Adolph Gottlieb Pirtographs 

Adolph Gottlieb 

The Red Bird, 1944 
Augury, 1945 

1172 x 515 
1172 x 516 

The Bronx Museum of Art, 
New York 

November 15 -December 30 
Images of Horror and Fantasy 

David Siqueiros 

Figure, 1935 

1172 x 187 

Corcoran Gallery of Art, 
Washington, D.C. 
December 1, 1977-January 22, 1978 
Howard Mebring 

Howard Mehring 

In the Key of Blue II, 1 956 


Houghton Gallery, Cooper Union, 
New York 
December 12-22 
Alumni Exhibition 

Audrey Flack 

Dutch Still Life, 1976 


Josef Albers, Study for Homage to the Square: "Cooling," 1961 




Josef Albers 

Study for Homage to the Square, 1 9S^ 

Oil on panel, 24 x 24" 

Anni Albers and The Josef Albers 

Foundation, Inc. 


Josef Albers 

Study for Homage to the Square: 

"Cooling" 1 961 

Oil on panel, 24 x 14" 

Anni Albers and The Josef Albers 

Foundation, Inc. 


Josef Albers 

Study for Homage to the Square, 1962 

Oil on panel, 24 x 24" 

Anni Albers and The Josef Albers 

Foundation, Inc 


Larry Bell 

Untitled, 1969 

Glass and stainless steel, 20 x 20 x 20"; 

plexiglass base, 40% x 24V2 x 24*4 " 

American Art Foundation 


Jake Berthot 

Split, 1974 

Oil on canvas mounted on board, 

5 6% x 48" 



Genevieve Claisse 

Composition, 1959 

Oil on canvas, 39-% x 31%" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Alan Cote 

Measuring the Depth of a Shape, 1977 

Conte bisque and gouache on paper, 


The artist, through the Creative Artists 

Public Service Program 


Miodrag Dado, 1976 

Oil on canvas, 2 panels, each 

59 1 / 4 x 9 8y 8 " 

Julian J. Aberbach and Joachim Jean 


2320. 1-. 2 

Allan D'Arcangelo 
Landscape(s) S5, 1969 
Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 68" 
Susan Morse Hilles 

Sonia Delaunay 

No. 870 Colored Rhythm Paris, 1959 

Gouache on paper, 29% x 21%" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Sonia Delaunay 
No. 1601 Color Rhythm, 1969 
Gouache on paper, 23% x 19" 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Wilmino Domond 

Washer Women, i960 

Oil on pressed board, 15% x 31'/:" 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ostow 


Wilmino Domond 

Mardi Gras-jacmel, 1973 

Oil on pressed board, 24 x 48^" 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ostow 


Walter Dusenbery 

Phantom, 1972 

White ami carrara marble, 

102 x 8 x 3V2") pietra serena base, 

61/4 X23V2X23I/2" 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weintraub 


Jacob El Hanani 

Untitled No. 171, 1976 

Ink and liquitex gesso on canvas, 

7* x 7iVg" 

Janet and George M. Jaffin 


Lucio Fontana 

Spatial Conception, Expectations (Con- 
cetto Spaziale, Attese), S9 T 133, 1959 
Waterbase paint on canvas, 49)8 x 98%" 
Mrs. Teresita Fontana 

Llyn Foulkes 

Three, 1977 

2 panels: mixed media, 29V2 x 29% x 

sVa"\ painted wood, 9 x 7% x %" 


2295. 1-. 2 

Mathias Goeritz 

Message No. 10, 1959 

Nail construction on board, 

19% x 47 x 5" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Arshile Gorky 

Untitled, 1943 

Wax crayon and pencil on paper, 


Rook McCulloch 


Jasha Green 

Maquette to Floor Kite No. 1 , 1976 

Painted steel, 28 1 2 x 26 x 1 


and studies 

Treatment No. 1, 1976 

Gouache on paper, 22 x 29V2" 


Treatment No. ?, 1976 

Gouache on paper, 21 Y, x 2.9V2" 


Drawing to Treatment No. 11. 1976 

Charcoal and acrylic on paper, 

22x29 y, " 

Draining to Treatment No. 10. 1976 
Charcoal and acrylic on paper, 
Dr. Emanuel Friedman 

David Hare 

Cronus Mad, 1968 

Acrylic and collage on pressed wood, 

64% x 4 8" 

Hamilton Gallery of Contemporary Art, 

New York 


David Hare 
Untitled, 1977 
Silkscreen, 30% x 21V2" 
The artist 

Augustine Ibattola 

PA. 18, n.d. 

Oil on canvas, 57 x 4s" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Norman Ives 

Composition, 1969-70 

Liquitex on canvas, 45% x 45Vk" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Po Kim 

Stacked Plums, 1977 

Colored pencils on paper: mat window, 

11x15 1/2" 

Constance Kane 


Ron K lee man 

Cantankerous, 1973 

Lithograph on paper, 23% \ 33V2" 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Mandel 


Karl Knaths 

Tide Out, 1962 

Oil on canvas, 40 x y ' .." 

Drs. James and Nina Rudel 



Arshile Gorky, Untitled, [943 

Richard I indnei - /, i960 

Oskar Kokoschka 

Woman, n.d. 

Pencil on paper: mat window, 

10I/2 x 71/2" 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ostow 


Alexander Liberman 

Sixteen Ways, 195 1 

Oil and enamel on masonite, 50 x 113" 

Francine and Cleve Gray 


Alexander Liberman 

Tilt, 1967 

Steel, 50 x 68 x 68" 



Roy Lichtenstein 

Untitled, 1969 

Lithograph on paper: image, 23"; sheet 

diameter, 28 y 8 x 28 V H " 

The artist 


Richard Lindner 
The Secret, i960 
Oil on canvas, 50 x 40" 
Joachim Jean Aberbach 

Conrad Marca-Relli 

Composition, n.d. 

Oil on canvas, 19% x 23" 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ostow 


Joan Mitchell 

Sunflower 11, 1969 

Oil on canvas, 112 x 78%" 

Elizabeth and Jonathan Greenburg 


George L. K. Morris 

Elegy on the Pennsylvania Station, 1963 

Oil on canvas, 30 x 36" 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ostow 


Kenneth Noland 

Coal, 1977 

Acrylic on canvas, 59 x 84%" 

The artist 


Toshinobu Onosato 

A-10, 1958 

Oil on canvas, 25 V6 x 35%" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Richard Pousettc-Dart 

Golden Blue Scroll No. 3, 1958 

Oil on canvas, 48 x 36" 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Ossorio 



Auguste Rodin 

Heroic Bust of Victor Hugo, 1887 

Bronze, 28 x 2} x 2^"; marble base, 

?5 x 13 x -V" 

B. G. Cantor Art Foundation 


Dieter Rot 

Collected Works of Dieter Rot 

Boxed set of 20 volumes, edition 

Hansjorg Mayer, 1966-72 

Mixed media on paper, mounted on top 

of box, 9% x 9%" 

The Martin S. Ackerman Foundation 


1 udwig Sander 
Untitled, 1963 
Acrylic on canvas, -8 x 72" 
Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Sherr 

-33 1 

Paul Sarkisian 

Untitled, 1973 

Lithograph on paper, 34 x 24" 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Mandel 


Antonio Segui 

Mountainous Landscape, 1969 

Oil on canvas, 76% \-(> V 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goldsmith 


Jack Smith 

Up and Down No. 2, 1962 

Oil on canvas, 35% x 35 1 2" 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Bernard 


Kurt R. H. Sonderborg 

June 9-61, 23:03-25:27, 1961 

Oil tempera on linen synthesized paper, 

43 x 28" 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Picker 


Jesus Rafael Soto 

Grey and Silvery Stalks, 1974 

Painted wood, nylon cord, metal rods, 

iC\ \ ir, x 6" 


Pierre Tal t oat 

Untitled, n.d. 

Charcoal on paper, 18% x 24 1 A" 

Marjo and Robert D. Graff 


Pierre Tal Coat 

Untitled, n.d. 

Charcoal on paper, 18% x 24 > _>" 

Marjo and Robert D. Graff 


[oaqui'n I orres-Garcfa 

Composition, 19^8 

Gouache on cardboard, ',2 \ 59%" 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Pharr 


Esteban Vicente 

Space and Time, 19 - 1 

Oil on canvas, 60 x 80" 

Mrs. 1 farriet Vicente in memory of 

Alison Peters 


Sylvia Wald 
Season's Poem, r.976 

Collage mounted on pressed board in 
plexiglass case, 3 8 14 x 22% x 4 1 '%" 
Constance Kane 

A fractional interest in the works 
listed below was deeded to The Solomon 
R. Guggenheim Museum by Mrs. 
Evelyn Sharp 

Fernand Leger 

Starfish, 1942 

Oil on canvas, 58 x 50" 

Fernand Leger 

Builders with Rope, 19^0 

Oil on canvas, 63V2 x 44 V 

Joan Miro 

The Flight of a Bird over the Plain 111, 

July 1939 

Oil on burlap, t,s ] ', x 4s 1 ;" 

Joan Miro 

Woman in the Night, March 1, 194s 

Oil on canvas, 51^ x 63%" 


Auguste Rodin, Heroic Bust of Victor Hugo, 1887 




Zigi Ben-Haim 

O. S. No. 17, 1977 

Newsprint on cheesecloth, 54 x 54" 

Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger 


Agnes Martin 

Untitled No. 74, 1977 

India ink, graphite, gesso on canvas, 

72 x -2" 

Mr. and Mrs. Dannheisser 


Louise Nevelson 

luminous Zag: Night, \<)-;\ 

Painted wood: 105 boxes, each i6 5 /g x 

i2%xio3/ 4 "; 

total size, 120 x 193 x 10%" 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Singer 







Lee Krasner 

Past Continuous, 1976 

Collage of charcoal drawings on paper 

on canvas, 3 panels: 72 x 48", 72 x 72", 

72 x 60"; total size: 72 x 108" 

Matching Gift: Anonymous 


Richard Diebenkom 

Ocean Park No. 96, 1977 

Oil on canvas, 93 x 85" 

Matching Gift: Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. 

Speiser and Louis and Bessie Adler 

Foundation, Inc., Seymour M. Klein, 




Paul Klce 

Hat, Lady and Little Table, 1932 

Oil with watercolor on gesso-primed 

burlap, 25 x 14" 

In exchange for a group of 

works on paper 


Rufino Tamayo 

Dancer, 1977 

Oil on canvas, 68V2 * 54%" 


Richard Diebenkom, Ocean Park No. 96, 19— 

Lee Krasner, Past Continuous, 1976 

Paul Klee, Hat, Lady and Little Table, [932 

Rufino Tamayo, Dancer, 19 — 

The Society of Associates 

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C h.ise Manhattan Bank Art Program 

Michael N. Chctkovich 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Cohen 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred P. Cohen 

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Cole, Jr. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles 

Nathan Cummings 

Mrs. Richard W. Dammann 

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Dannheisser 

Dr. and Mrs. Morton Davidson 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Davis 

Elizabeth De Cuevas 

Kurt B. Delbanco 

Francois De Menil 

Mrs. John De Menil 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent B. DePrima 

Sidney Deutsch 

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Diamond 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Diamond 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Diker 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Dillon 

Mr. and Mrs. Henri G. Doll 

John T. Dorrance, Jr. 

William F. Draper 

Victor M. Earle, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Eberstadt 

Mrs. William C. Edwards 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Ehrenkranz 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Elkon 

Robert Elkon 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Elvin 

Mrs. Allan D. Emil 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Emil 

Andre Emmerich 

Marjorie L. Falk 

Joseph Famolare, Jr. 

Maurice and Carol J. Feinberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Feist 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Feuerstein 

Marilyn Fischbach 

Candace Fischer 

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Fisher 

Mr. and Mrs. David Fogelson 

Xavier Fourcade 

Muriel B. Francis 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Frank 

Robert Freidus 

Mrs. Charles K. Friedberg 

Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Friedman 

Mrs. Tassilo von Furstenberg 

Mrs. Eliane Ganz 

Mrs. Eugene L. Garbaty 

Mrs. Charles Gilman, Sr. 

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Howard Gilman 

Mrs. Louis S. Gimbel, Jr. 

Arnold S. Ginsburg 

Arnold Glimcher 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Golden 

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Lawrence J. Goldrich 

Ronald Goldsand 

Hugo L. Golin 

Mrs. Joshua A. Gollin 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Good 

Mark Goodson 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gottlieb 

Katharine Graham 

Helen Grant 

Bette Greenblatt 

Jerome L. Greene 

Thomas Grueneb.uim 

Graham D. Gund 

Edna P. Gurewitsch 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gutfreund 

Herbert Haiti 

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Halpern 

Victor J. Hammer 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Hardy 

Joseph H. Hazen 

Mrs. Ernest Hemingway 

Mr. and Mrs. Trumbull Higgens 

Samuel L. Highleyman, III 

Susan Morse Hilles 

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Richard Shields 
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James O. Stepp 

H. Peter Stern 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Stern 

Andrew Stewart 

Mrs. Donald S. Stralem 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Straus 

Oscar S. Straus, II 

Oscar S. Straus, III 

Mrs. Roger W. Straus 

Roger W. Straus, Jr. 

Carroll Dormer Stuchell 

Robert J. Suslow 

Mrs. S. E. Sussman 

Mrs. Charles D. Tandy 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Tepper 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Thieriot 

Jack Tilton 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tishman 

Towson State University 

Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Tsitsera 

Alice Tully 

Mr. and Mrs. Senen Ubina 

Mr. and Mrs. Cerrit Van de Bovenkamp 

Mrs. Prances H. Vicario 

Dorothy Crote Voss 

Mr. and Mis. William C. Wallstein 

May E. Walter 

Paul F. Walter 

Mrs. Thomas J. Watson, III 

Leigh R. Weiner 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Welsh 

Justin Winter 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wise 

Mr. and Mrs. Bagley Wright 

Ayala /acks 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zadok 

Mr. and Mrs. Caiman J. Zamoiski, [r. 

Mrs. Guri Zeckendoi l 

Richard S. Zeisler 

William Zierlcr 

Arlvn Zimmerman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Batscha 
Jamie Beck 
Joan Bradley 
Edmund Carpenter 
Jon Carsman 
John Maurice Clair 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. V. Foster 
Stephen A. Geiger 
Peter H. Goodstein 
Chryss J. Coulandris 
Frederica T. Harlow 
Paul L. Herring 
Hoffer Kaback 
Dr. Paul A. Kricger 
Mr. and Mrs. Oerritt L. Lansing 
Jonathan S. Lowe- 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. McNeil 
Lydia P. Mannara 
Louis and Susan Meiscl 
Marcos-Luis Mercado 
Alexander F. Milliken 
Mrs. H. Paul Moore 
Carol E. Morgenstern 
Jon Alan Nagel 
Peter Ollendorff 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Reilly 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Pall 
Dr. Sheldon Peck 
Joanne Selt/er 
Barbara Dana Tollis 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wade 
Lee Spear Webster 
Sandra R. Weisband 

• f 

Corporate Memberships 

Alcoa Foundation 

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. 

American Telephone and Telegraph 

Ashland Oil, Inc. 
Bankers Trust Company 
CBS Inc. 
Citibank, N. A. 
Consolidated Edison Company of 

New York, Inc. 
Exxon Corporation 
Fluor Mining and Metals, Inc. 
General Felt Industries 
Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation 
W. R. Keating and Company 
Lincoln Savings Bank 
Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company 
McGraw-Hill, Inc. 
Mossman Charitable Trust 
National Distillers and Chemical 

New York Telephone 
New York Times Company 

Foundation, Inc. 
The N. Y. B. F. S. Foundation 

The Prudential Foundation 

Reliance Group, Inc. 
Rolling Stone 
Time Inc. 

Warner Communications Inc. 
Westvaco Foundation 



Donors of Money and Securities 

Amax Foundation Inc. 

Laura Carpenter 

Chubb Corporation 

William Copley 

Mr. and Mrs. Barrie M. Damson 

Dannheisser Foundation 

1 won Corporation 

Fontana Foundation 

Fuller Foundation 

Graham Gund 

Hastings Foundation 

John S. Hilson 

Gloria Kirby 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Lawson-Johnston 

I earning to Read Through the Arts 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Milliken 
Mobil Corporation 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
Rambach Company 
Esther A. Simon Charitable Trust 
Sidney Singer, Jr. 
Sony Corporation of America 

Foundation, Inc. 
Sperry and Hutchinson Company 
Tebil Foundation 

Challenge Grant 


During 1977 The Guggenheim Museum applied tor a 
Challenge Grant to the National Endowment for the Arts 
in Washington, D.C., a Federal Agency. In the fall of 1978 
an award to the Museum of $1 million was announced. 
The Guggenheim is one of only three cultural institutions 
and the single museum in the country to receive a grant 
of this magnitude in this year. The award is a central part 
of the Guggenheim's Half-Century Fund drive, a major 
campaign mounted to raise $20 million for the Museum's 
operating expenses, acquisition program, endowment 
and eventual building expansion. 

Each new dollar received by the Museum starting 
December 19, 1 977, counts toward the three to one- 
matching requirements. All monies must be raised by 
December 31, 1980, to fulfill this goal. We hope that the 
incentive provided by this Challenge Grant will lead to 
contributions from new sources and encourage those 
already committed to helping the Museum to increase 
their support. 

The Development Office would be pleased to confer 
with persons about gifts or bequests of money or works 
of art to the Guggenheim Museum. 

For more information about how your gift can help 
the Guggenheim Museum, write or call the Development 
Office, The Solomon R.Guggenheim Musum, 107J Fifth 
Avenue, New York, New York 10028 (212.) 860- 1 566. 


Exxon Corporation for Young American 

Artists: 1978 Exxon National 


Mobil Corporation for free Tuesday 

National Endowment for the Arts, 

Washington, D.C. 
National Endowment for the 

Humanities, Washington, D.C. 
National Museum Act, 

Washington, D.C. 
New York State Council on the Arts 




Peter (). L..n\ son- Johnston, President 

H. Harvard Arnason 

Joseph W. Donner 

Mason Welch Gross 

John Hilson 

Eugene W. 1 cake 

Frank R. Milliken 

A. Chauncey Newlin 

Mrs. Henry G. Obre 

The Right Honorable Pari 

Castle Stew art 
Albert E. Thiele 
Michael F. Wettach 

Thomas M. Messer, Director 
Henry Berg, Deputy Director 
Susan L. Halper, Executive Assistant 
Vanessa Jalet, Secretary to Mr. Messer 


Louise Averill Svendsen, Curator 
Diane Waldman, Curator of Exhibitions 
Margit Rowell, Curator of Special 

Angelica Zander Rudenstine, 

Research Curator 
Linda Konheim, Curatorial 

Linda Shearer, Assistant Curator 
Carol Fuerstein, Editor 
Vivian Endicott Barnett, Researcher 
Mary Joan Hall, Librarian 
Ward Jackson, Archivist 
Marion Wolf, Assistant Librarian 
Susan Ferleger, Curatorial Assistant 
Philip Verre, Curatorial Assistant 
Clair Zamoiski, Curatorial Assistant 


Mimi Poser, Public Affairs Officer 

Miriam Emden, Membership 

Department Head 
Susan Hirschfeld, Public Affairs 


David Mortensen, Carpenter 
Jack Lennard, Carpenter 

Temporary : " 


Agnes R. Connolly, Auditor 

Kurt Struver, Business Officer 

Katherine W. Briggs, Information 

Darrie Hammer, Information 

Railey Macey, Business Assistant 

Elizabeth McKirdie, Business Assistant 


Charles Hovland, Bookstore Supervisor 

Roland Carroll 

Kay Hines 

James O'Shea 

Runya Margulies 

Brooks Parsons 

Rebecca Reitz, terminated September 

Cafe at the Guggenheim 

Philip Almeida, Manager 

Don Buffamcnto, terminated September 

Eunestine Bryant 

Rosemary Faella 

Jean-Pierre Laroussc 

Raymond Minadeo, terminated 

Richard Minadeo 
Andre Norelus 
Robert Turner 


Jane E. Heffner, Development Officer 

Carolyn Porcelli, Development Associate 


David Roger Anthony, Technical Officer 
Elizabeth M. Funghini, Associate 

Cheric A. Summers, Associate Registrar 
Jack Coyle, Assistant Registrar 
Orrin H. Riley, Conservator 
Lucy Belloli, Associate Conservator 
Dana L. Cranmcr, Technical Manager 
Robert E. Mates, Photographer 
Mary Donlon, Assistant Photographer 
Lola Fiur, Photography Coordinator 
Saul Fuerstein, Prcparator 
James Colby, Preparation 
William Smith, Sr., Preparation 
Scott A. Wixon, Operations Coordinator 
Takayuki Amano, Operations* 
Robert (nates. Operations'' 
Stephen Fschncr, Operations 
Anthony Moore, Operations 
Steven Norton, Operations 
Mark Smith, Operations 


Peter G. Loggin, Building Superintendent 


Guy Fletcher, Jr., Assistant Building 

Clifton Ames 
Anthony Carlucci 
John Dunn 
Etzer Fiote 
Edward Gorgodian 
Luis Lopez 

Madge McAuliffe, terminated February 
Muharcn Mujezic 
John Raynor 
William Smith, Jr. 
Anna Szalaiko 


Charles F. Banach, 1 lead Ouard 
Elbio Almiron, Assistant Head Guard 
Joseph Tomlinson, Assistant 

Head Guard 
Laura Beany 
I lancfi Bieli 
Mane Bradley 
Oscar Campa 


Staff Professional Associations and Publications 

Robert de Candido, terminated June 

Marie Doyle 

Enrique Gonzalez 

Francis Gregory 

Donna Jimenez 

Michael Kozlowski 

Carlos Machievello 

Eric McDougall 

Luis Fernando Morales 

Genevova Munoz 

Argemiro Otero 

Michael Owens 

Angel Pacheco 

Frederick Perron 

Gladys Reed 

Patricia Scheiner 

Joseph Vilanova 

Ricardo Voldivia 

Marion Yost 

William Zabielski 

Thomas M. Messer 

Chairmanships or Presidencies 
Committee on International Exhibitions, 

Washington, D.C. 
Future Directions Committee, 

Association of Art Museum Directors 

International Committee for Museums 

and Collections of Modern Art, 

International Council of Museums, 

CIMAM-ICOM (through June [977) 
The MacDowell Colony (from August 

American Arts Alliance, 

Washington, D.C. 
Association of Art Museum Directors 

(AAMD) (through June 1977) 

President 1974-1975 
Center for Inter-American Relations, 

New York 
International Committee for Museums 

and Collections of Modern Art, 

International Council of Museums, 

CIMAM-ICOM (from July 1977) 

Panels and Committees 

Ethics Committee, American Association 

of Museums, Washington, D.C. 
Board of Visitors, School of Visual Arts, 

Boston University 
Friends of Centre Georges Pompidou, 

Visiting Committee on Art Museums 

and Fine Arts Department, Harvard 

Art Advisory Committee, Institute of 

International Education, New York 
Advisory Panel to the Commissioner, 

Internal Revenue Service, Washington, 

D.C. (through spring 1977) 
Museum Advisory Panel, National 

Endowment for the Arts, Washington, 

D.C. (through spring 1977) 
Fine Arts Committee, New York Health 

and Hospital Corporation, Inc., New 

Port Authority 

Margit Rowell 

Vice President, American Section, 
International Art Critics Association 

Executive Committee, International 
Committee for Museums and 
Collections of Modern Art (< IMAM) 

Angelica Zander Rudenstine 

Porter Prize Selection Committee, 

College Art Association 
Selection Panel, National Endowment 

for the Humanities, Fellowships in 

Art and Architecture 

Linda Shearer 

Lecturer, School of Visual Arts, 
New York 

Dana Cranmer 

Lecturer, School of Visual Arts, 
New York 

Jane Heffner 

Lecturer, Adelphi Arts Management 
Program, New York 

Henry Berg 

Educational Projects Advisory 
Committee, Museums Collaborative, 

Diane Waldman 

Curator of Willem de Kooning 

Drawings, School of Visual Arts, New 

York, October 
Joseph Cornell, New York, George 

Braziller (published in English and 



Auditor's Report 

To the Trustees of 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 

New York, N.Y.: 

We have examined the balance sheet of THE SOLOMON' 
R.GUGGENHEIM FOUNDATION as of December 31, 1977, 

and the related statement of support, revenue, expense, capital 
additions and changes in fund balances for the year then 
ended. Our examination was made in accordance with gen- 
erally accepted auditing standards and, accordingly, included 
such tests of the accounting records and such other auditing 
procedures as we considered necessary in the circumstances. 

In our opinion, the aforementioned statements present 
fairly the financial position of The Solomon R. Guggenheim 
Foundation at December 31, 1977, and the results of its 
operations and changes in fund balances for the year then 
ended, in conformity with generally accepted accounting 
principles which, except for the change, with which we 
concur, in the method of valuing the art collection as described 
in Note 1 to the financial statements, have been applied on a 
basis consistent with that of the preceding year. 

Coopers & Lybrand 

New York, New York 
July 24, 19-S 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Balance Sheet 



Investments (Note 3) 


Dividends and interest 



Securities sold 


Art collection (Notes 1 and 4) 

Inventories, at lower of average cost or market 

Property and equipment, net of depreciation (Note 5) 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 

Palazzo Leoni 

Prepaid expenses 

Total assets 



Accounts payable and accrued expenses 

Securities purchased 

Deferred income (Note 2): 




Fund balances 

Total liabilities and fund balances 

See notes to financial statements. 


December ji, 197-/ 

Current Fund 





$ 100,000 








7 5 ,0 1 2 






94 1 ,4<>6 

$ 786,520 


3}, OOO 


ir 1,469 


1 1 1 ,469 




" 3.05 5 










N 44.09 I 



















$ 175,668 

$ 400,375 

$ IOO, T2n 

S 00, 5 00 




-6,1 25 














Statement of Support, Revenue, Expense, Capital Additions 
and Changes in Fund Balances 

Support and revenue: 

Exhibition fees and other service income 


Membership fees 

Grants, donations and gifts (Notes i, 2 and 4) 

Investment income 

Net realized (loss) on sale of investments 

Auxiliary services: 


Catalogues and merchandise operations 



Museum operation: 

Salaries and fringe benefits 

Maintenance and guard service 

Materials and supplies 

Packing, shipping and storage 


Telephone and utilities 


Accession of art for collection, net 

of deaccessions (Note 4) 


Total museum operation expenses 

Supporting services: 

Management and general 

Fund raising 

Cost of sales and expense of auxiliary activities: 


Catalogues and merchandise operations 


Excess (deficit) of support and revenue 
over expenses before capital additions .... 

Capital additions: 

Gifts and grants (Note z) 

Net realized gain on sale of investments 


Excess (deficit) of support and revenue 

over expenses after capital additions 

Fund balances, beginning of year as previously reported . . 
Adjustment for change in accounting method (Note 1) . . 

I und balances, beginning of year as restated 

Property and equipment acquisitions from 

current fund (Note 7) 

Fund balances, end of year 

See notes to financial statements. 


for the year ended December ji, 1977 

Current Fund 















$ 172,971 













M 1 










2d 2, 2 1 ', 


195. 137 






226, 371 









r ,059,247 

7 1 9,646 

t -8,441 




i95, I 37 




15 1,0 8 4 




1 30,672 




19s, 137 





S 400,000 







T 4 2,lSS 


9 2 5 ,' 




















$ 100,825 


$ 164,935 

- $13,400,290 




Notes to Financial Statements 

i. Accounting for Art Objects: 

Effective January i, 19 — , the Foundation changed its policy 
from capitalization of art works purchased, donated or 
bequeathed to the policy of excluding such art work from the 
balance sheet, which is in conformity with the practice 
followed by many museums. The effect of adopting this new 
policy has been to decrease the excess of support and revenue 
over expenses for the year by $19,051,289 as summarized 

Estimated value of donated art works . 

Purchase of art objects 

Excess of proceeds from sale of art 
objects over previously recorded value 




Included 111 the value of donated art works is the Peggy 
Guggenheim Collection which Foundation officials estimate 
has a value of approximately $18,000,000. Italian authorities 
approved the transfer of title to this Collection to the Foun- 
dation during [977. 

The operating and art fund balances as of January r, 1977 
have been adjusted by a net amount of $1 1,365,088 to reflect 
the cumulative effect to December }i, 1976 of the change in 
accounting policy. 

2. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies: 

Basis of Presentation 

The financial statements of the Foundation have been pre- 
pared on the accrual basis. 

Fund Accounting 

In order to ensure observance of limitations and restrictions 
placed on the use of resources available to the Foundation, 
the accounts of the Foundation are maintained in accordance 
with the principles of iund accounting. This is the procedure 
by which resources for various purposes are classified lor 
accounting and financial reporting purposes into funds that 
are in accordance with specified activities and objectives. 
Separate accounts are maintained for each fund; however, in 
the accompanying financial statements, funds that have similar 
characteristics have been combined into fund groups. Ac- 
cordingly, all financial transactions have been recorded and 
reported by fund group. 

Restricted Fund 

Amounts restricted by the donor for specific purposes are 
segregated from the Operating Fund within the Current Fund. 
' »;/,/ ; / ndowment Fund 

Amounts designated by the Board of Trustees are indicated as 
Quasi-Endowment Fund and are segregated from the Oper- 
ating Fund within the Current Fund. 
Endowment lund 
The Endowment Fund includes funds subject to restriction 

by the donor requiring that the principal be invested in 

Plant Fund 

The Plant Fund includes resources restricted for plant 

acquisitions and funds expended for plant. 

Other Matters 

Contributions, grants, legacies and bequests and membership 
fees are recorded as received and are considered to be avail- 
able for unrestricted use unless specifically designated by the 
donor. Contributions and grants specified by the donor for 
use in future periods are recorded as deferred income in the 
balance sheet m\l\ are recorded as income in the year in which 
the) ma) be used. Written pledges are recorded as receivables 
in the year pledged. The amounts of the pledges to be received 
in the future are recorded as deferred amounts in the respective 
funds to which they apply. 

All gains and losses arising from the sale, collection or other 
disposition of investments are accounted for in the fund in 
which the related assets are recorded. Income from invest- 
ments is accounted for as revenue of the Operating Fund. 

3. Investments: 

Investments are recorded at cost in respect of those purchased, 
and in respect of those acquired by gift, bequest or otherwise, 
generally at market valuations at dates of acquisition or estate 
tax valuations. The carrying value and market value of invest- 
ments by fund were as follows at December ; 1 , [9 — : 








S 15,012 

1 2,8 s 9, 1 99 


S 15,351 



Sis. 160, 182 

4. Art Collection: 

Art objects purchased, donated and bequeathed are included 
in the balance sheet at a value of $1. This practice is in accord 
with thai followed by main museums see Note 1 1. Donations 
for purchase of art objects are reported as gifts in the state- 
ment ot activit) . The uisi of all art objects purchased, less 
the proceeds from deaccessions of art, is reported as a museum 
operating expense. During the year ended December ji, [977, 
purchase of art objects amounted to $4 - d,09- and the pro- 
ceeds from deaccessions aggregated $225,013. 

Gifts restricted by donors for the purchase ol items fi >i thi 
collection are classified as deferred revenue until acquisitions 
arc m. ule 111 accordance with the terms ol the gifts. 


5- Property and Equipment: 

A summary of property and equipment follows: 


Gross Depreciation 


The Solomon R. 




$ 47< S ,S44 

$ 478, S44 

Building and 





Furniture and 
























Palazzo Leoni: 














With respect to the property and equipment of The 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, land is recorded at cost 
with respect to that purchased and at estate tax valuation 
with respect to that acquired through a bequest. Building and 
all other equipment are recorded at cost and depreciation is 
provided on the straight-line method over their estimated 
useful lives. Library and documentary films are recorded at 
the nominal amount of $1, and additions are expensed as 

During 1977, the Trustees authorized recording a gift from 
Peggy Guggenheim of the Palazzo Leoni in Venice, Italy. This 
gift is estimated to have a value of $525,000, the value shown 
on the donor's tax returns. Legal costs approximating $25,000 
relating to establishment of title to the property have also 
been capitalized. Management of the Foundation has allo- 
cated these costs equally between land and building. 

6. Pension Plan: 

The Foundation has a pension plan covering substantially all 
of its full-time employees. The total pension expense for the 
year was $50,400 which includes $5,400 paid to employees 
who retired prior to the adoption of the plan or who were not 
eligible for participation in the plan. The Foundation's policy 
is to fund pension costs incurred. 

7. Interfund Transfers: 

During the year ended December 31, 1977, $23,808 was trans- 
ferred from the Operating Fund to the Plant Fund representing 
fixed assets purchased with resources of the Operating Fund. 

8. Contributed Services: 

A substantial number of unpaid volunteers have made sig- 
nificant contributions of their time in the furtherance of the 
Museum's programs covering most phases of the Museum's 
activities except for maintenance, guard service and art 
handling. The value of this contributed time is not reflected 
in these statements since it is not susceptible to objective 
measurement or valuation. 

9. Related Party Transactions: 

Service fees aggregating $4,565 were paid to Guggenheim 
Brothers (a partnership). Mr. Peter O. Lawson-Johnston, a 
trustee and president of the Foundation, is one of the partners 
of Guggenheim Brothers. 

Legal fees of $30,800 to White &C Case, counsel for the 
Foundation, were paid or accrued. A partner of that firm is a 
trustee of the Foundation. 

J 5 

1500 copies of this annual report 
designed by Malcolm Grear Designers, 
have been typeset by Dumar Typesetting, 
Inc. and printed by Eastern Press in 
December 1978 for the Trustees of The 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 

Photographs by Robert E. Mates and 
Mary Donlon 

f'1 ' 



^% Eh ^^ 

1 2l Ed «m i&. 

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